After 20 years, what’s going on with charter schools in Michigan?

The June 22 edition of the Detroit Free Press began an extensive special report on charter schools in Michigan. "State of Charter Schools: After 2 Decades, Michigan Has Promises to Keep" is the result of a year-long investigation into what’s been going on since the first charter schools opened 20 years ago. Today, the charters spend almost $1 billion in state money—with little oversight--for the more than 140,000 students enrolled in charter schools.  

With the debate over the expansion of the EAA still continuing in the Legislature, the series of articles reviewing Michigan’s successes and failures when it comes to charter schools, charter school legislation, for-profit management companies, and the track record of other states provide a valuable review of this education reform movement in Michigan.

The series will run the rest of the week featuring the ineffectiveness of Michigan laws, pro charter groups increasing their power at the expense of school boards, and ways to fix the charter school system.