MEA Employment Opportunities

EmploymentFollowing are the current job postings for the Michigan Education Association (MEA), Michigan Education Special Services Association (MESSA) and MEA Financial Services (MEA-FS). MEA, MESSA and MEA-FS are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers.

To apply for a position, download the electronic application and mail it to:

Barb Hitchcock
MEA Human Resources
P.O. Box 2573
East Lansing, MI 48826-2573


Download an application. Please make sure you allow enough time to meet the application deadline when filling out an electronic application. If you have problems with the electronic application when attempting to return the application click here and we will e-mail you an application. Some computers will not allow you to fill out the online version of the application.

For more information about a vacancy, please email bhitchcock@mea.org.

Michigan Education Association (MEA) -

Position: UniServ Director 17-B
Location: Escanaba
Compensation: Per MEA-PSA Master Agreement

Position: Bookkeeper II
Location: East Lansing
Compensation: $17.64 per hour

Position: UniServ Field Assistant
Location: Howell
Compensation: $18.72 per hour

Position: UniServ Field Assistant
Location: Petoskey
Compensation: $18.72 per hour

Position: UniServ Director
Location: Howell
Compensation: Per PSA Master Agreement

Position: UniServ Director
Location: Kalamazoo
Compensation: Per PSA Agreement

Michigan Education Special Services Association (MESSA) - 

Position: Field Representative
Location: Area 13
Compensation: Per PSA Agreement

MEA Financial Services (MEA-FS) -

No positions at this time.

Staff Retirement Office

No positions at this time.