Schauer, Brown put education funding first

Last week, Mark Schauer, the Democratic candidate challenging Gov. Snyder in the November election, unveiled his education plan and this week he got the chance to see public education in action when he visited West Bloomfield High School. Lisa Brown, his running mate for lieutenant governor, joined him on the tour.

Mark Schauer said, "This is a community that is committed to its schools and understands the value of public education. Now we need a governor who values education the same way.”

Education is Schauer’s top budget priority—in contrast to Gov. Snyder’s $1 billion education cut and continued disinvestment in public education in this state. To see how much every K-12 school district and state higher education institutions have lost thanks to those cuts, go to

On their visit to West Bloomfield, Schauer and Brown got involved in lessons in a biology and chemistry class. They also visited engineering, marketing, arts and video classes.  Watch a clip of Schauer’s classroom experience.

"My dad was a high school science teacher for 38 years, so I've always viewed teaching as the most important profession in our society. As governor, I'll fight to support our front-line educators, to make sure they have the tools they need in the classroom to help our students succeed,” Schauer said.

According to Brown, currently Oakland County clerk, 96 percent of students who graduate from West Bloomfield, go on to college.

"Education is the equalizer. It’s the best chance anybody has at a better future. Mark and I had a great time talking to teachers and school employees who are on the front lines educating our kids every day. These are dynamic, energetic professionals who care very deeply about their kids, and we need a governor who will treat them with the respect they deserve."

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel joined the candidates on the tour.