Commissions, Committees and Task Forces

The MEA commissions, committees and task forces (CCTF) are advisory to the MEA Board of Directors. These groups annually receive charges from the Board of Directors, which are the focus of the year's work. Typically these bodies meet in September, October and February.Membership on a commission is by election of the Representative Assembly or by appointment by the MEA vice president with the consent of the MEA Board of Directors. Members to committees and task forces are appointed by the MEA vice president with the consent of the MEA Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on one of the following groups, please complete the CCTF Data Form and mail it to: Office of the Vice President, Michigan Education Association, PO Box 2573, East Lansing, MI 48826-2573.


Anti-Privatization Committee Long Range Bargaining Committee
Art Acquisitions Committee Long Range Planning Committee
Board of Reference MAHE Board of Directors
Budget and Finance Committee MAHE Executive Committee
Career Preparation Task Force MEA-Retired Board of Directors
Communications Committee MEA Executive Committee
Credentials Committee MEA Financial Services Board of Directors
Distinguished Service Committee MEA-PAC Council
Elections Committee MEA-PAC Governing Board
English Language Learners (ELL)/Migrant Education Committee

MEA-PAC Statewide Screening and Recommendation Committee

Minority Concerns Committee

ESP Caucus Executive Board NEA Resolutions Committee
Governance Review Committee Resolutions Committee
Human Relations Commission State Crisis Assistance Program Committee
Instruction and Professional Development Commission Scholarship Fund Trustees
IPD Conference Advisory Committee Staff Retirement Plan Board
International Understanding Commission Student Programs Advisory Committee
Local Affiliates Commission Summer Leadership Conference Advisory Committee
Legislation Commission  
Leadership Mentoring Advisory Committee Women's Issues Committee