Cook in Detroit News: Blocking Common Core blocks progress

In a column published this week in the Detroit News, MEA President Steve Cook said that some GOP legislators are obstructing progress by blocking the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Michigan educators, administrators and policymakers began the process of implementing Common Core in 2009. States must adopt the national standards in order to receive federal education funds.

Despite the fact that educators have spent the better part of three years preparing for its launch, the Legislature earlier this month irresponsibly stripped funding for Common Core implementation. Most legislators left Lansing last week to begin their summer vacations.

“Extreme elements of the Republican party began to question the Common Core curriculum based on the fact that the initial effort began at the federal level, claiming it takes away ‘local control,’” Cook said. “They completely ignore the fact that states are allowed to develop their own core curriculum to meet federal guidelines.

“They’ve also forgotten the three years of hearings and planning meetings that preceded the scheduled implementation of the Common Core curriculum. Many Republicans didn’t bother attending those meetings. Meanwhile, training for teachers and administrators has begun. This summer thousands of Michigan teachers are to be trained in the final preparations to implement the Common Core curriculum. Countless hours of teacher time and taxpayer money has been wasted just because Republicans weren’t paying attention.”

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