AFL-CIO President Swift in Detroit News’ Labor Voices: Gov. Snyder, restore funding to our schools

Once again, our state budget is full of unnecessary hardships for working families. Those hardships are most readily apparent when it comes to education funding. Either Michigan's children just aren't a priority for Gov. Rick Snyder or he is one tough nerd in need of a very basic arithmetic lesson.

Two years ago the administration gutted funding for public education to the tune of $1 billion, in order to give corporate special interests $1.8 billion in tax breaks. These handouts to CEOs have done nothing to create jobs or reduce unemployment in our state. In fact, some of the corporations that have benefited most from this giveaway are shipping jobs out of state even as they cash in.
After such harsh and uncalled-for education cuts, any funding returned to our schools is welcome. But Snyder's new proposal is far from the full restoration of funding that Michigan students deserve. Two percent budget growth does not even begin to fill the gaping hole that is causing a crisis in many of our overcrowded classrooms.
Instead of continuing to set our public schools up for failure, Snyder needs to restore the full funding that prepares our children for employment and for life.