Bolger vs. Snyder vs. Hammel

During a live call-in program on Michigan Public Radio, it was apparent there were marked differences of opinion between House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall), Minority Leader Richard Hammel (D-Mount Morris Township) and Gov. Snyder.

Bolger strayed from the Governor’s agenda on “Right to Teach FOR LESS.” The Governor has repeatedly said the issue is divisive and he doesn’t plan to take it up. Bolger now finds the issue intriguing and wants the House to approve it. Bolger insists that there isn’t a political war with teacher unions, but insists that “right to teach” and prohibiting school districts from collecting union dues “empowers teachers and treats them like professionals.”

Rep. Hammel is on the opposite side of the issue. “It sure looks like MEA is being singled out for many of the reforms.”

Hammel is also is concerned that the $1.8 billion tax break Republicans gave to big business will mean even more budget cuts next year. “Taking money from the School Aid Fund and giving it to higher education was a broken promise,” he said.

But Bolger, taking a page from the Republican playbook, ironically said, “There’s no guarantee the school aid budget won’t be tapped again, but that is dependent on the state’s economy and is why we’re focusing on job creation.”

Michigan’s unemployment rose .3 percent to 11.2 percent, putting the state in third place with largest percentage of resident out of work. Only Nevada and California outrank Michigan. So much for the focus on job creation!