Credentials Committee

Must be a delegate

Start Date

7 members, at least 2 of which are BdM , must be RA delegates



Frank Burger (2016-BdM-Reg 10)



Deb McMillan (2014-BdM-Reg 8)



Deborah Sudduth (2014-BD-Reg 8)



Nick Bourland (2014-BD)



Doug Hill (2015-BdM-Reg 7)



Reed Bretz (2016-BD-Reg 9)

Vice Chair


Vacancy (2015-BD-Reg ) 


Staff Liaison

Patricia Brand


2013-14 Charge:

To help ensure that the education of four students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.


The Credentials Committee is responsible for the accreditation of delegates and alternates at the meetings of the RA.  The decision of the Credentials Committee shall be final unless overruled by the Assembly.

They will hear appeals from local associations on RA delegate seating loss if dues transmittal policy and Minority 3-1(g) representation is not adhered to and will consider appeals from locals that do not comply with third world representation requirements at the region level as stipulated in a region's bylaws.  Members of the Credentials Committee are required to be RA delegates.