It's not too late to get involved in Election 2012


Does seeing the latest TV ad attacking Proposal 2 or hearing critics bashing public education and public school employees make you mad? 
Don't just get mad--get even by becoming a volunteer in Election 2012!
There are so many things you can do:
When you see the latest TV ad attacking Proposal 2, contact the station and demand that they take the ad off the air for its offensive and deceitful claims. 
Go to and volunteer to guarantee the passage of Proposal 2.
Contact your local MEA UniServ office for other volunteer opportunities. From now until Nov. 6, volunteers are needed for phone banks, canvassing and presentations to local groups. 
Become a member of MEA's 24+ Club by volunteering your time to a candidate, to Protect Working Families or to getting out the vote. You’ll be recognized for going above and beyond for Election 2012. Fill out an activity report at your local MEA Uniserv office to be recognized for your efforts.