MEA members comprise Michigan’s leading education organization

With 150,000 members working together to improve educational outcomes for their students and working conditions for school employees, MEA is far and away Michigan’s largest and leading education organization.

MEA is more than a union — it’s a community for all who are involved in public education.

Think about the sheer advantage in numbers that MEA members have; if every MEA member came together in one spot, it would fill the Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park — nearly four times over.

If you were to look out upon that crowd, you’d see women and men, urban dwellers and rural residents, Democrats and Republicans, and people of all ages, races and creeds. You’d find 150,000 different individuals with 150,000 different backgrounds and 150,000 different stories.

Yet despite their differences as individuals, the teachers, education support professionals, higher-education staff, students and retirees who comprise MEA form a massive and powerful alliance of professionals with one common goal: to provide the best education possible to all Michigan students.

No matter what challenges they might face, MEA members are never alone. There is always another member in the same building, district or state who understands the challenges and rewards that come with working in education.

MEA provides numerous ways for members to interact and share their experiences. Local association meetings provide excellent forums for members to connect with their local colleagues. At the state level, MEA holds numerous conferences that allow members the opportunity to meet other school employees from across the state and develop new skills together. Social media tools like MEA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts provide yet another outlet for members to discuss and mobilize around issues facing public education.

Join the conversation. No matter where you turn, there’s an MEA member nearby who’s ready to talk, ready to help and ready to act.