Several opportunities available for educator input on public policy

Reforms to science curriculum standards and teaching preparation are in the works, and the Michigan Department of Education is seeking public input from educators on both.

The department is the lead state partner for the Next Generation Science Standards, which determines what new science testing standards will look like. Teachers and educational organizations collaborated on the discussion during two previous public comment sessions.

Revisions have been made to the draft based on these comments and the final public comment period is taking place now until May 8.

Public comment is collected through two online surveys addressing standards and statewide needs and course information. Following this period, the state of Michigan will analyze public comments to determine if any final revisions are needed before the State Board of Education votes to adopt the NGSS.

Click here for more information on the science standards and links to the surveys.

The department has also taken steps to improve teacher preparation with the proposed Michigan Teacher Leader Preparation Standards. The new standards attempt to guide programs that prepare teachers for the third tier Advanced Professional Education Certificate.

In 2008, the Teacher Leader Model Standards were developed to emphasize improving teaching and learning practices that produce college ready outcomes. The department examined the standards with input from stakeholders to better fit Michigan’s education needs. The standards emphasize the promotion of a shared school vision and advocating for student learning.

Public comment on the standards is due May 10. Click here more information on how to submit comments.

In addition, NEA’s Center for Great Public Schools has created an Assessment Advisor website to allow teachers to voice their thoughts on critical issues revolving around standardized tests, including the effectiveness of various assessments. Click here to use the Assessment Advisor website.

Finally, MEA is seeking input from members on education policy issues facing teachers, education support staff, faculty and students via its “Voices From the Front Lines” website.

Educators are encouraged to participate in these public comment opportunities, contribute their expertise and make their voices heard.