Support for Common Core continues to grow

The Lansing State Journal this week joined the growing chorus of voices urging the Michigan Legislature to stop stalling on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

“Lawmakers should keep in mind that Michigan competes in a global economy,” the LSJ’s editorial board opined. “…Common core standards are a tool to encourage success. Michigan would do well to stay with them.”

Michigan educators and policymakers began the process of implementing Common Core in 2009. However, the Legislature in June stripped funding for Common Core implementation — an irresponsible move that could endanger critical federal funds and render useless all of the prep work put in by teachers and education support professionals.

“Failure to follow through on the Common Core will cost Michigan dearly,” MEA President Steve Cook wrote in a column published June 26 in the Detroit News. “Following this school year, the MEAP test was to be replaced with a test aligned with the Common Core standards. Without a Common Core curriculum in place, the waiver the state received under the No Child Left Behind law will end, causing every district in Michigan to fail the standard of adequate yearly progress.

“Legislators have known about the Common Core standards since 2009,” Cook wrote. “It wasn’t until the conservative tea party wing began to flex its considerable clout that Michigan lawmakers started questioning the effort.

“By eliminating funding to train teachers and administrators, they have made Michigan students the losers in their political game.”