VOTE TUESDAY - Be informed; the decisions are up to you

What’s your voting plan for tomorrow? Do you know where you vote? Will you vote before or after work? Do you have plans for child care or are you taking your children with you? Will you have a copy of MEA’s recommended candidates with you? Are you allowing yourself enough time to read and mark the entire ballot?

We’re all busy, but having a plan to vote means you’ll be more likely to actually go to the polls and cast your ballot. Be an informed voter. Take a voter guide with you to make sure you know which candidates and which ballot proposals support working families. Using a guide will also save you time.

The Michigan League of Responsible Voters is dedicated to educating voters with the most updated election information. On their website,, you can download a practical guide to the ballot proposals that provides background information on each proposal, explains what each proposal does, lists those groups both supporting and opposing the proposal, and the League’s recommendations.

For a listing of MEA recommendations for federal, state and local races and to find your polling location, log in to the Members Only area

We’ve said for months this election is critical -- who gets elected matters and the decisions are all up to you. Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6!