5 Things to Do With This Information - Snyder's Budget Proposal


  1. Contact your legislators immediately. Use the talking points and explain how budget cuts will impact your students and your community.
  2. Call Snyder’s office at 517-373-3400 or 517-335-7858 and share the same insights.
  3. Host a “Letter to the Editor Writing Party.” Use the sample letters provided and encourage members to write their own. For ideas, read “Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor” and “Letter to the Editor Party.”
  4. Use Message Center information and talking points in your local newsletter, on your Web page and Facebook.  
  5. Go to www.michigan.gov/budget to read the governor’s budget proposal in detail. Be sure to direct your members to it and to www.mea.org. Post a link to them on your website, Facebook pages and in all electronic communications.