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Grants of up to $2,500 for arts-related equipment or supplies to be used in schools are available through Michigan Youth Arts with assistance from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA). "Art Equipment & Supplies Grant" applies to performing arts subjects like instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, dance, creative writing, media arts, special education and more.

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State Board of Education (SBE) members are looking for someone with experience in education-perhaps a former local superintendent or teacher-to be the next state superintendent of instruction. Their search is expected to be completed by January 2015, well ahead of current Superintendent Mike Flanagan's retirement in July 2015.

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On Wednesday, Sept. 24, NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia is making Michigan a stop on her Back to School Tour! Location details are still being finalized, but put the date on your calendar.

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recent EPIC-MRA poll of 600 likely voters showed that 82 percent of them believe that for-profit management companies should be required to publicly explain how they're spending the $1 billion in taxpayer dollars they're getting from the state.

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NEA's Works4Me is a free weekly newsletter with practical classroom tips written by teachers for teachers. There are tips and best ideas on classroom management, teaching techniques, curriculum, content, and more. When you sign up to receive the newsletter, you'll join other Michigan teachers who have already provided tips and suggestions.  

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The California's Teachers Association (CTA) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) have appealed the Los Angeles Superior Court's decision to strip state educators of their tenure rights. The action by the teacher unions follows a similar appeal by the State of California and California Gov. Jerry Brown

Backgrounder - Governor's Education Plan

Gov. Snyder’s education address

In his special education message. Gov. Rick Snyder covered a variety of topics in his plan to “reform” Michigan’s public education system through changes to tenure, teacher training, and financial incentives. He provided little or no details on how his plan would be carried out, but expects “reforms” to happen even as he’s cutting more than $800 million from K-12 and higher education funding and giving tax breaks to business.

Governor Snyder's Education Plan

Public vs. private

House bill would privatize most public services

Legislation to privatize most government functions, including K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, has been introduced in Lansing.

Winners and losers

Seniors, poor, children pay for huge tax break for business

Gov. Rick Snyder's massive tax plan -- an unprecedented tax shift that hurts seniors, the poor, and children while giving a big break for businesses -- passed the Legislature today despite strong public opposition.

The plan taxes senior pensions, cuts subsidies for the working poor, and eliminates taxes for an estimated 95,000 businesses even as public schools brace for massive state funding cuts.


Republican Senate leader says “no guarantee” legislation will create jobs

LANSING - Today the Michigan State Senate voted to raise taxes on seniors and working families to pay for a $1.8 billion tax break for corporate special interests like insurance companies, oil companies and Wall Street banks. More than a quarter of the Senate Republican caucus voted to reject the measure, forcing a 19-19 tie, which was broken by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Act now: Help fight health care cost shift, privatization

Big votes expected Today -- we need your help!

Lawmakers are expected to vote today on separate proposals that strip local school districts of big decisions related to health care costs and privatization.

MEA staff and leaders are at the Capitol today to lobby against these bills -- and your legislative contacts are vital to our efforts to derail or modify these bills.

House considers major tenure overhaul

A four-bill package to dismantle teacher tenure would also eliminate significant collective bargaining rights for public employees.

MEA Action Day

RSVP for MEA Action Day

Please plan to travel to Lansing Saturday for MEA Action Day -- a da

House to take up privatization bill TODAY

Call your state rep NOW!

The state House TODAY will take up House Bill 4306 to force school districts to solicit bids to outsource certain support services.

Contact your state representative NOW and ask him/her to vote NO on House bill 4306 – the House is in session beginning at 1:30 p.m. and the vote could be taken any time after that. The bill would require competitive bidding of food, custodial, and transportation services in all public school districts beginning July 1, 2012.

Local school districts should decide what’s best for their students and community.

There are problems with mandatory bidding, according to the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency and the Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System. They include:

  • Forced bidding could create additional administrative costs for a district.
  • Privatization increases the amount ALL school districts must pay into the Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement Systems.
  • Schools that want to explore outsourcing can already do so. It’s unnecessary to force schools that aren’t interested in firing employees and hiring private contractors to do the work instead.

What’s more, the House Fiscal Agency reports that the bill would have no fiscal impact on the state. It will not fix Michigan’s budget crisis or create jobs .

MEA lobbyists are meeting with lawmakers and working hard to educate them about this bill – your legislative contacts will help! Call now!

House committee to take up new tenure bills

The House Education Committee today announced it will meet this week to take up four bills dealing with teacher tenure, teacher placement, and additional prohibited subjects of bargaining.