Posted on 04/13/15 at 4:28pm

The Supreme Court is still holding off deciding whether school employees have to pay an extra 3 percent into a fund for retiree health insurance with no guarantee that the benefits will be available when they retire. 

Posted on 04/13/15 at 4:30pm

Saturday, April 11, marked the 50th anniversary of the signing into law of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) by then President Lyndon B. Johnson as a part of his “War on Poverty” campaign. The law provided federal funds to support public education, especially in low income areas.

Posted on 04/13/15 at 4:32pm

​Education professionals are the top licensed foster care providers in the state, with approximately 13,000 Michigan children in foster care at any given time.

Posted on 04/10/15 at 11:06am

After three months, the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren issued its report for Gov. Snyder. The group was charged with coming up with ideas and recommendations to reform education in Detroit.

Posted on 04/10/15 at 11:09am

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has introduced a new program aimed at encouraging students in grades four to eight to get more engaged in their classrooms. The Student Inspiration Project developed from the results of a September 2014 MDE survey of students in grades four through eight which showed that while 94 percent of students said motivation is essential to a great education, only 24 percent said they felt motivated to learn.

Posted on 04/10/15 at 11:12am

Make history come alive for your high school students by giving them the chance to collaborate on determining the best course of action for a governor during an actual historical event. "The Governor's Decision Room," presented through the Michigan Historical Center, can help you do that.

Art Acquisitions Purchase Exhibition

MEA members entered more than 100 pieces of art for the 2013 MEA/Michigan Art Education Association Art Acquisitions Purchase Exhibition, with the “Best in Show” award going to Colleen Redfield, an education support professional from Stockbridge.

Court of Appeals rules the state doesn't have to make sure students can read

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that the state has no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to struggling students in Highland Park schools. The court said Michigan has no constitutional requirement to make sure students learn reading skills. It is obligated, however, to establish and finance a public education system.

New state science standards are 'Michigan-developed and Michigan-decided'

The State Board of Education (SBE) plans on considering the adoption of new state science standards next month which it emphasizes are "Michigan-developed and Michigan-decided." The SBE will be providing the Legislature with a report prior to approving the standards.

The Legislature was concerned with the 2010 adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts and math. Fear over a loss of local control led lawmakers to freeze spending on CCSS until the Legislature approved them in 2013. They did not fund the Smarter Balanced assessment that supported CCSS and would replace the MEAP. As a result, a revised version of the MEAP will be administered online in the spring of 2015.

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