Michigan Education Association

International Understanding Commission

Start Date

Six RA elected/staggered terms/2 full consecutive 3 yr. terms



*Lawanda Parker (2011-RA-Reg 6)



Sigrid Grace (2011-RA-Reg 10)



Tonya Dildy (2012-RA-Reg 3)



*John Heilman (2012-RA-Reg 2)



Heather Bartlett (2013-RA-Reg 6)



Judy Gail Armstrong-Hall (2013-RA-Reg 7)

Vice Chair

Start Date

Three Board appointed/staggered terms/2 full consecutive 3 yr. terms



Silvia Walton (2011-BD-Reg 5)



Therese Lake (2012-BD-Reg 8)



Deborah Martin (2013-BD-Reg 12)


Start Date

Up to (3)  MEA Board member/2 full consecutive 3 yr. terms



Michelle Chase (2011-BdM-Reg 14)



Joe Nazem (2011-BdM-Reg 7)



Troy Beasley (2013-BdM-Reg 7)


Start Date

One NEA Director/2 full consecutive 3 yr. terms



Eric Minore (2013-NEA Dir-Reg 10)


Start Date




Anne Good (2011-MEA-Retired)



Michael Card (2011-SMEA)



Peter Badry (2011-MAHE – Reg 6)


Staff Liaison

Melissa Sortman


 * An election for these positions will be held at the Spring RA

2010-11 Charge:

To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.

To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of strategies and policies that build on our diversity, and cultural competency.

Commission Charge: To promote global understanding through respect for diversity, interdependence, and leadership to improve teaching and learning for all people.

The commission will:
Identify, review and recommend professional development and instructional resources for use in combating bias or discrimination while enhancing cultural competency.

Identify, review, recommend and support professional development and opportunities for students to learn about the educational policies, programs and practices of other countries/nations.

Assist in planning the association’s recognition of National Multicultural Diversity Day with emphasis on teaching and learning.

Delegate a representative to advise and assist in the planning of the Human Rights/Excellence Awards Banquet.

Manage the selection and award process for MEA Elizabeth Siddall Award, and submit a nomination for:  the NEA Applegate/Dorros Peace Award; and the David McMahon Award.

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