All Inclusive Member (AIM)

AIM was adopted by the 2003 Spring Representative Assembly to help members who wish to do so become lifetime members of MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired.

As a lifetime member of MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired you will have the ability to continue to invest and purchase insurance through MEA Financial Services; maintain work site liability insurance through NEA (EEL) should you return to work; receive NEA/NEA-Retired and MEA/MEA-Retired communications on issues important to public education and retirement; and have continued lobbying on behalf of all active and retired members.

Effective Sept. 1, 2006, an MEA member who is not already a member of MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired, has $2 a month included with his/her MEA dues, earmarked for MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired fees. Once members have paid $400, they will be lifetime members of MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired.

Members may join MEA-Retired by paying $450 in a lump sum. Payment of the total MEA-Retired membership fee entitles a member to lifetime membership in MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired.

Members not wishing to join MEA-Retired through the AIM program must communicate that desire in writing to their local. Once the written declaration is received, MEA-Retired fees will cease to be deducted and will not resume until the member has authorized so in writing.

The member will be required to communicate to their local in writing a desire to opt out of AIM. Do not send that communication to MEA as that will only delay ceasing the MEA-Retired dues deduction. There are no refunds of MEA-Retired fees.