Attorney Andrew Nickelhoff details why MI Attorney General Bill Schuette is wrong for attacking working families

Today, the campaign to protect working families responded to  Attorney General Bill Schuette's attempt to deny citizens the opportunity to vote on a ballot proposal to ensure collecitve bargaining rights for Michigan workers. 

In a conference call, legal expert, Andrew Nickelhoff detailed why the people of Michigan deserve a chance to vote and revealed that Schuette's recently released opinion was in direct opposition to stances he's taken in the past.  The opinion offered by Schuette, at the request of Governor Snyder, attempts to prevent Michigan residents from having a voice.  Schuette’s opinion, which is not binding, comes after the Secretary of State’s office shot down an effort by corporate special interests to try and block the proposal.

Collective bargaining brings both sides together to negotiate fair wages and benefits, safer work conditions and protection from arbitrary decisions. It gets firefighters and police life-saving equipment, protects nurses so they can speak up about a patient’s care and limits class sizes so teachers can better educate our kids. 

Nearly 700,000 Michigan residents signed a petition to protect the right to negotiate for fair wages and benefits.  Citizens deserve a chance to vote on the ballot proposal.

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