Backgrounder - Snyder’s budget proposal: ‘Shared sacrifice?’

Gov. Rick Snyder presented his $47 billion budget proposal for 2012 that includes historic cuts for public education.

The plan calls for a 4.1 percent cut to K-12 funding—or $470 less per pupil – and a 15 percent reduction for higher education. It also would tax private and public pensions. Meanwhile, Snyder wants to give hefty tax breaks for business and other special interests.

In his call for “shared sacrifices,” Snyder, a millionaire former corporate executive, announced he will take $1 in salary this year as governor, a hollow gesture considering massive cuts to schools and local communities statewide.

Snyder’s proposal demands $180 million in concessions from state employees, with implications for all public education employees. And, it recommends (but does not mandate) schools outsource non-instructional services and increase employee contributions toward health insurance.

Snyder gave few specifics on education in his presentation; he plans a major education reform address in April. You can read his proposed budget online.

Real, balanced reforms are needed – and MEA’s A+ Agenda includes dozens of ideas to help public education and Michigan.