Bill capping health insurance goes to conference committee

State of Michigan Capitol Building
State of Michigan Capitol Building

Senate, House set to work on differences in SB 7

In a surprising move, the Senate took up the House version of Senate Bill 7 on Wednesday (their only session day this week), unanimously rejecting the House’s changes to the bill that would cap employer contributions to health insurance.

The House's version of SB 7 created a hybrid between the hard cap contained in House Bill 4572 and the 80/20 contribution split the Senate passed earlier last month. It would create an option, if the district did not opt in to require the 80/20 provision, it would then default to a mandatory hard cap of $5,500 for a single subscriber, $11,000 for a two party subscriber, $12,500 for single parent and children, and $15,000 for full family coverage.

With yesterday’s Senate vote, SB 7 now goes to a conference committee made up of three senators and three representatives – that committee must reconcile the differences between the Senate passed version of SB 7 and the House passed substitute version. The conference committee members for the Senate will be Senator Mark Jansen (R-Grand Rapids), Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton), and Senator Coleman Young (D-Detroit).  The House conference committee members will be Representative Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills), Representative Joel Johnson (R-Clare), and Representative Timothy Bledsoe (D-Grosse Pointe). 

The date the committee will meet is not known at this time, but the Senate doesn’t come back to Lansing until August 24, so final action on the bill cannot happen before then.