Bargaining, Public Policy & Professional Development Conference

February 12 & 13, 2015
COBO Event Center, Detroit

To keep public education safe from those individuals and groups who want to destroy it, MEA leaders, members and staff need the skills and strategies to make sure our students will always have the opportunity for a quality education. That’s why “Preserving Public Education for the Future” is the theme of the 2015 MEA Bargaining, Public Policy & Professional Development Conference.

MEA leaders, members and staff have always fought against groups and individuals who want to see an end to public education. Every day we’re facing new challenges in our profession, at the bargaining table, in the political arena and with the public. We need to be armed with the knowledge, skills and strategies that will keep us armed and ready to protect public education today and in the future.

New - Session Added! 

702: MESSA ABC – What To Tell Your Members About Their New Health Plan

Online registration for the conference will close at midnight on January 28th. After that time the fee will be $310 and registrations will be processed on-site. 

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