Breaking News -- New Prop 2 ad counters false claims

Protect Working Families has released its newest ad in support of Proposal 2. The 30-second ad features law enforcement officials setting the record straight on Proposal 2 and showing how collective bargaining keeps our children safe.

This new ad counters false claims by corporate special interests that Proposal 2 would keep school employees with criminal records on the job and eliminate safety standards for bus drivers. These lies have been debunked by independent fact checkers based on current state and federal law that Proposal 2 will not affect.

However, no ad can take the place of members talking to their families, friends, and neighbors about the importance of Proposal 2 to protect collective bargaining and working families. Proposal 2 will make sure that teachers, firefighters, police officers and nurses can negotiate for the tools they need to keep our children and our communities safe.

Vote YES on Proposal 2!