Broad coalition of students, seniors, workers protest Gov. Snyder’s budget plan

LANSING - Today thousands of Michigan residents from more than a dozen cities across the state rode buses to Lansing to send a message to Gov. Snyder and State Legislators that it’s time time start standing up for working and middle class families. After two weeks of paid vacation, Legislative  committees will convene this week to begin voting on Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget plan. The proposal cuts almost $800 million from K-12 and higher education, eliminates the Earned Income Tax Credit for working families, and creates a new tax on seniors’ pensions to pay for a $1.8 billion tax break for corporations. 

“Attacking child care workers like me is not the solution to our financial problems,” said Robin Edwards, a child care worker who spoke during the rally. “Denying us a voice and bargaining rights won’t create a single job. This is our house. It’s time for our leaders to start working together, stop attacking middle class families, and start creating quality jobs for Michigan workers.” 

At the Michigan Municipal League’s Conference on the Budget last week, House Fiscal Agency Director Mitch Bean said, “There is no guarantee that Gov. Rick Snyder's tax plan would translate into job increases.”

Bean went on to say, “The idea that somehow this business tax would automatically create jobs in Michigan is nonsense."  

Kyle Holmes, a small business owner who spoke at the rally today, said that “Politicians are unfairly exploiting the economic crisis to tear apart our community instead of working together to find creative solutions that will build a strong Michigan and a vibrant economy with thriving businesses. I am eager to be a partner in making our community and our state strong and economically healthy.”

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