State House removes RTW penalties from education budgets

Michigan House Republican leaders Tuesday stripped away penalties they earlier inserted into K-12, higher education and community college appropriations bills that would have punished these institutions for legally negotiating “fair share” agreements with their employees.

Retired MEA members urge continued commitment

MEA-Retired's new officers. From left to right: Secretary-Treasurer Dan Rudd, Vice President Dave Schoop and President Judy Foster

While the job might be over, the work goes on.

That’s the takeaway from the hundreds of retired teachers and education support professionals who gathered in Lansing on Monday for MEA-Retired’s annual meeting.

MEA retirement lawsuits still pending in court system

Two major cases affecting MEA members’ retirement benefits are slowly making their way through the state’s court system, and it’s not yet known when — or if — members will receive refunds of a “retirement tax” imposed upon them by the state Legislature.

NRA proposal to arm school employees is ‘dangerous and reckless’

The National Rifle Association this week issued a report that recommends arming school employees as a way to prevent gun violence — a dangerous and reckless move that would place an undue burden on teachers and education support staff.

Michigan teachers sound off to television audience

Seth Petty, an elementary teacher in Ann Arbor Public Schools, told NBC News that school funding cuts have hampered efforts to improve education.

Detroit-area TV viewers and a nationwide web audience heard from Michigan teachers Saturday night, as NBC’s “Education Nation” broadcast a live “Teacher Town Hall” at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

MEA members making their voices heard on 'Voices from the Front Lines' website

Teachers and education support professionals from across the state are speaking out via MEA's new "Voices from the Front Lines" webpage, offering their ideas on how to improve public education for the sake of MEA members, students, families and communities.

MEA members and their families save on auto and home insurance

MEA and MEA-Retired members can save hundreds of dollars each year on automobile and homeowners’ insurance through MEA Financial Services, a full-service insurance agency that provides policies exclusively for public education employees.

School employees and employers attempt to blunt negative effects of upcoming 'right-to-work' law

Three weeks remain until Michigan officially becomes a so-called “right-to-work” state and, despite interference from Republican politicians, MEA members are doing everything they can to minimize how this new law will hurt school employees and local unions

Study: Trendy ‘reforms’ harming teaching and education support professions

Trendy education “reforms” being pushed by special interest groups are harming the teaching and education support professions at a time when the public demands greater professionalization of educators, according to a new policy brief.

MEA presents specific education reforms to increase student outcomes and strengthen workforce

Testifying before the House Education Committee on Wednesday, MEA Vice President Nancy Strachan outlined three specific education reforms to help improve Michigan schools: increasing investment in early childhood education; strengthening vocational, agricultural and technical education; and enhancing professional development opportunities for educators.