Collective bargaining has a spot on the November ballot

This afternoon, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of collective bargaining rights and working families with their decision to allow the Protect Working Families proposal on the November ballot. Ballot language will now be written.

The Court rejected the challenges from special interest groups that the proposal failed to list the sections of the Constitution that would be affected. All along, the Protect Our Jobs campaign maintained that there was no legal basis for keeping the proposal off the ballot.

The Supreme Court also approved the ballot proposals requiring a two-thirds legislative majority or statewide vote to raise taxes and voter approval for a new international border crossing.These proposals will also have a place on the November ballot. The Court rejected the proposal to add eight new casinos declaring it unconstitutional.

This is truly a victory for working families, union members and the voters of Michigan. Celebrate the good news.

There’s only one challenge left for us—getting out the vote in November. Tell everyone to “Vote YES on the proposal to protect collective bargaining!”