Cost of college education paid for with Democrat's proposed plan

Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that will pay for a Michigan high school graduates' college education. The ultimate goal of the "Michigan 2020 Plan" is to increase the number of college graduates needed to bring job-providers to the state.

The legislation is a four-bill package sponsored by Sen. Rebeka Warren (D-Ann Arbor), Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D-Taylor), Sen. Morris Hood (D-Taylor), and Sen. Vincent Gregory (D-Southfield).

The legislation proposes providing high school graduates with a grant equal to the median tuition level of all of Michigan's public universities -- or $9,575 a year -- regardless of whether graduates attend a public or private school.  Students could use the money towards tuition, books or other eligible expenses.

To pay the estimated $1.8 billion price tag for the proposal, Democrats suggest eliminating the part of the $35 billion in corporate tax loopholes.

The plan has the support of education officials, business leaders and economists who see education as the key to Michigan’s economic recovery. The trick will be getting Republican legislators to consider the plan and dedicate money to it.