Districts receiving "best practices" payments

Because they met four out of five of Gov. Snyder's "best practices," 177 school districts across the state were approved for an additional $100 per student in state aid designated as "incentive funds." Those districts began receiving installment payments on Oct. 20.

The 2011-12 payments are based on 90 percent of the student count taken on Oct. 5. The rest of the payments will be based on the student count done in February. The Michigan Department of Education will distribute a total of $154 million in incentive funds.

To receive the money, school districts must meet four of the following five "best practices:"

  • Charge employees at least 10 percent of health care premiums.
  • Become the insurance policyholder on medical benefit plans.
  • Produce a plan to consolidate services with cost savings.
  • Obtain competitive bids for non-instructional services.
  • Develop a "dashboard" that measures the district's effectiveness.

School districts have until June to apply for the funds.