ESP Caucus Executive Board

Connie Boylan

2015-Region 15-President

Andrew Campbell

2015-Region 7-Vice President

Pamela Faunce

2015-Region 3-Secretary

Roy Freeman

2016-Region 5-Director-at-Large

Bob Hanchek

2016-Region 17-Director-at-Large

Sharon Mason

2016-Region 8-Director-at-Large

Terri McDermott

2015-Region 15-Director-at-Large

Eursla Moore-Doyle

2015-Region 5-Director-at-Large

Jim Webber

2016-Region 13-Director-at-Large

Marti Alvarez

2015-Region 15-Director by Classification-Transportation

Percy Brown

2015-Region 3-Director by Classification-Paraprofessional

Pamela Marcusse

2016-Region 9-Director by Classification-Food Service

Melinda Smith

2016-Region 2–Director by Classification-Maintenance

Patrick Tobin

2015-Region 13-Director by Classification-Higher Education

Gloria Wagener

2015-Region 12-Director by Classification-Office Personnel

Richard Wines

2016-Region 3-Director by Classification-Custodial

Theresa Dudley

2015-Region 9-Director of Minority Concerns

Michael Graves

2016-Region 7-Director of Minority Concerns

Maggi Brown

2017-Region 18-Ex Officio

Steve Cook

MEA President-Ex Officio

David Hockaday

2017-Region 8-Ex Officio

Maury Koffman

2015-Region 8-NEA Executive Committee (2016) Ex-Officio

Cynthia Schneider

2015-Region 8-Ex Officio

Jim Sparapani

2015-Region 17-MEA-Retired Liaison

Dr. Charles Bacon

MAHE Liaison

Yvonne Williams

Director of Northern Zone & ESP Caucus

Carol Price

MEA Staff Assistant

Joyce Phelps

Anti-Privatization/Organizing Consultant

Frank Musto

Director of Field Services, MESSA


Contact Information:

Yvonne Williams
Phone: 800/292-1934