Frequently asked questions about MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired

Am I a member? How do I find out?

Call the MEA Membership Department at 1-800-292-1934 and any membership processor will be to verify your membership status. You may also ask for MEA-Retired office to get the information.

What are the benefits of joining MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired?

You may visit the website to see the full list of benefits of joining. Or you may call MEA-Retired office at 1-800-292-1934 extensions 5539 or 5466.

I am already in the AIM program. I understand the rate to join MEA-Retired is going to increase to $450.00. What happens to my membership?

All school employees who sign up by July 31, 2006 will be locked in at the current rate of $200.00.