Gov. Romney never showed the love to Massachusetts teachers

In the last presidential debate, Mitt Romney declared that he "loved teachers." However, the current Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) President--along with his members--never felt the love while Romney was Governor.

Paul Toner, MTA President, knows first-hand what it was like to be an education professional while Romney was Governor and he shared his observations with NEA in an Open Letter to Educators.

Toner insists that Romney shouldn't be taking credit for Massachusetts' high-performing schools. "We've always had good schools and they were made even better by education reforms and increased funding adopted in 1993--10 years before Romney took office." Toner points out that state support for public schools was cut by a higher percentage than in any other state during Romney's term.

Massachusetts teachers never really felt Romney's "love." While Governor, he refused to meet with the teachers' union when it came to advice on education policy. Instead he turned to "advisors" who never spent any time in public education.

Romney has tried to win education votes by claiming Massachusetts students who score in the top 25 percent of their class can use the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship to go to college "tuition free." Toner explains that the scholarship isn't really worth that much. The cost of tuition, fees, room and board at the University of Massachusetts is roughly $23,400 this year. The Adams scholarship only reduces the bill 8 percent to $21,700--not even close to a free ride for Massachusetts' best students.

No matter how many times he disputes the statement, Romney repeatedly told the Massachusetts teachers that class size didn't matter. It's easy to see why. Toner said, "He sent his own kids to an extremely expensive private school that has very small class sizes. He is out of touch with what low-and middle-income students need to succeed."

It's obvious from this first-hand account that Romney failed Massachusetts educators. What makes you think he won't fail America's educators if he's elected President?

Obama has supported public education, school employees and their collective bargaining rights--not just in words, but in action. There's only one choice on Nov. 6 -- reelect President Obama.