Group announces campaign for anti-union laws in Michigan

A small group today announced plans to push so-called "right-to-work" laws in Michigan.

The group, called Michigan Freedom to Work, held press conferences at the Capitol and a few other cities. More than 100 MEA members stood outside the Lansing press conference and distributed facts to reporters as they left.

"This is just the latest in a long line of attacks on working and middle class families here in Michigan," said Zack Pohl, spokesman for the We Are the People coalition, which includes MEA and other progressive groups.

Right-to-work legislation doesn't guarantee any rights. It forces unions to represent all employees, whether they pay dues or not. Unions have to use their time and members’ dues money to provide union benefits to free riders who do not pay their fair share.

Among the facts shared by MEA members:

  • Workers in states with right-to-work laws have a consistently lower quality of life than in other states -- lower wages, higher poverty and infant mortality rates, less access to the health care they need and poorer education for their children.
  • Right-to-work laws hurt women and their families by keeping wages low.
  • Right-to-work laws mean lower wages for all workers.