Has StudentsFirst contacted you?

StudentsFirst, the so-called education reform group led by Michelle Rhee, is contacting Michigan teachers with the message, "Tell your Representative to support 401(k) plans for teachers."

Given the rush to pass SB 1040, their timing couldn't be better, but their facts and information are full of misrepresentations and distortions. On the surface, StudentsFirst sounds like it's pro-teachers--but remember this is the same group that influenced the Michigan Legislature to do away with tenure, tie student performance to teacher evaluations and lift the cap on charter and cyber schools.
StudentsFirst's idea of putting all teachers in a 401(k) plan is just more propaganda. It lets the Legislature off the hook of keeping their promises to school employees for a secure retirement. It doesn't help all teachers as the group claims.
Don't be fooled! This is just another attack. Contact your Representative, but tell to vote NO on SB 1040.