HB 4572 with hard cap passes House

With a vote of 58-51, the House approved HB 4572 which would place a hard cap on the amount an employer could spend on employees’ health care coverage.

Starting in 2012, an employer could spend no more than $15,000 on family coverage; $11,000 for two-person coverage; and $5,500 for an individual. The state treasurer would increase those caps each year based on the change to the medical care component of the Consumer Price Index.

If a school district paid more than the amount legislated, they would face a 10 percent reduction in their state aid funding.

Contracts currently in place would not be affected until they expire.

SB 7, the Senate’s alternative to this legislation, requires an 80/20 percent cost sharing, with public employees paying 20 percent of their health care coverage.

The attacks on public employees, their unions and their collective bargaining rights continue. School employees are already practicing “shared sacrifice” and contributing to their health care. Decisions on health care costs should be settled at the local bargaining table, not through state mandates.

HB 4752 now moves to the Senate.

Contact your state senator and tell them to oppose HB 4572. Tell them the hard cap is an unfair state mandate that is anti-family and undermines local control.