Michigan Education Association

General rules to survive as a higher education professional

• Ignorance is no excuse. Acquaint yourself with your contract. Absent conflicting statutes, the contract, or some other important reason, you have an obligation to follow those rules and regulations.

• Read your contract. Many facets of your job rights and responsibilities are spelled out in there.

• Keep all records. Maintain a personal file of notes from department chairs, personnel and other administrators. Keep your evaluations, contracts, pay stubs and other official communications. They can be very important and helpful later.

• Act now, don't delay. Many members wait too long to bring up a problem to the Association because of indecision or embarrassment. Since strict time lines are established in the contract, it may be too late to help. If you are wondering, find out now.

• From time to time you may receive an administrative directive or order that you don't like or don't believe is proper. Nevertheless, you have an obligation to follow that order and grieve later. The only exception is if it would cause imminent danger to the health and safety of you or others.

• Grieving (filing a grievance concerning an administrative failure to follow the contract) is not immoral, illegal, unethical, unprofessional or even personal. If you think the situation warrants, it file a grievance. It is your right.


Updated: February 12, 2009 7:44 PM