House ed panel to meet Wednesday

The House Education Committee meets Wednesday to consider anti-bullying legislation and a separate bill dealing with school district health insurance plans.

House Bill 4163 would require all public schools to have a policy prohibiting harassment and bullying. The new law would be known as “Matt’s Safe School Law” in memory of an East Lansing youth who committed suicide after being assaulted by older students as part of a hazing ritual.

Senate Bill 446 would require health insurance companies to provide detailed data about employees’ health care claims to public school districts. The measure would require public employers to solicit at least four bids from separate insurers when establishing or renewing medical benefit plans.

A nonpartisan Senate Fiscal Agency analysis indicates the bill could result in increased costs in districts where employees have greater health care needs. And, districts with relatively low health care claims could reduce costs, according to the agency.

Senate Bill 446 already passed in the Senate.

The committee meets at 8:30 a.m. in Room 519 of the House Office Building.