House passes HB 4929

On a close 55-53 vote today, the House passed HB 4929 which prohibits the deduction of union dues by public school employers. The bill was fast-tracked through the House after being introduced Tuesday. The bill now goes to the Senate where SB 636, a comparable bill was introduced by Sen. Meekhof (R-West Olive) on Sept. 8 sits.

Rep. Haveman (R-Holland), sponsor of the bill, said the legislation isn’t an attack on teachers. “It allows them to have more money in their pockets and that’s a good thing.”

Following this Republican logic—does that mean the 3 percent tax on pensions and the 20 percent contribution to health care are bad things?

Contact your Senator today! Tell them this type of legislation does nothing to improve education, produce any savings, create jobs or put more money in members’ pockets—supposedly all elements of the Republican agenda. This kind of legislation is a blatant example of political payback for our involvement in recall elections.