has data for higher ed funding losses

Since Gov. Snyder took office, higher education has had to deal with a loss of $623,235,000 in funding. In addition to employees feeling the hit of wage and benefit cuts, students at Michigan’s colleges and universities are also being impacted with hikes to their tuition. According to the House Fiscal Agency, approximately 60 percent of the tuition increases students have experienced are due to legislative-directed budget cuts. 

The Governor’s proposed 2014-15 budget for higher education put a restriction of 3.2 percent on the amount higher ed institutions can increase their tuition. Central Michigan University recently announced a 2.94 percent tuition increase for the 2014-15 academic year. That means students will be paying $385 per credit hour for on-campus undergraduate courses next year.

Now, at you can see how much money every Michigan community college, college and university is has lost since Gov. Snyder took office four years ago. Just as with the K-12 data that’s already available, you can download the information that is broken down by each community college, college and university.