Learn the FACTS about tenure

  • Tenure guarantees due process to ensure a teacher isn’t dismissed for personal or political reasons.
  • Tenured teachers are dismissed for incompetency and misconduct.
  • Tenure protects good teachers from the politics of the job, such as nepotism and other unfair hiring and firing practices.
  • Michigan’s tenure law was passed in 1937. The law initially was an opt-in and a local school board had to vote to be covered by the law.
  • In the 1960s, the law was modified to allow tenure without exception for all teachers after a probationary period.
  • School administrators must perform timely evaluations of teachers and document teacher performance. With this vital information, schools can discharge teachers who underperform or engage in professional misconduct. Unfortunately, administrators do not always perform these evaluations.
  • Critics rightly complain about the time and money it takes to dismiss a tenured teacher. MEA supports changes to tenure to streamline the process.