Let MEA help you navigate SB 1040


The passage last week of SB 1040 has given MEA members more to think about than just the start of a new school year. Participants in the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) have until Oct. 26 to make choices about their retirement plans and MEA is helping out by providing information and sessions to guide you in making your decisions.

First of all, make sure you have an account with the Office of Retirement Services. You can sign up at www.michigan.gov/ors/#miAccount and then be able to view your account details, update information, or ask questions.

At www.mea.org/retirement, MEA is providing regularly updated information about SB 1040. There you can find the actual bill along with its summary and other information related to the bill's impact on your retirement.

MEA Financial Services is holding information meetings across the state to help members better understand the impact the legislation has on retirement plans. Attend a session to get first-hand information and answers to your questions about SB 1040. Contact your local MEA office for details about a scheduled meeting in your area.

These drastic financial changes to your retirement are another attack on school employees--current and retired--by some legislators determined to destroy public education. They've broken the promises to public school employees that guarantee a secure retirement in exchange for the dedication and service to students and public education in Michigan. If you're angry--and you should be--fight back. Make a PAC contribution and get involved in Election 2012. Vote on Nov. 6 and send these legislators packing.