Mackinac Center is Not Your Friend!!

By now, many of you have may have received an email from an individual named Peter Boyd, who is affiliated with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The email provides information about how you can drop your membership in the union. This email went out to school employees statewide. I have talked with other local presidents whose members received the same email.

Let me remind you of who the Mackinac Center really is.

Over the past four years, since Snyder has been our Governor, they have been the group that has been successful in getting several pieces of legislation passed that have directly attacked teachers.

These include:

1. 80/20 or hard cap on health insurance

2. Taking away the seniority rights of members when it comes to staffing decisions.

3. They were successful in making sure that if we settle a contract after a school year starts, there is no retroactive bargaining for pay and insurance.

And the list of their attacks on school employees goes on.

The main message here is that the Mackinac Center is Not Your Friend!!

The Mackinac Center's main purpose is to make sure there is no more MEA, NEA or any local association.

Now more than ever, it is important for us to stay united as a union to win in November! Together as a group, we are stronger and we can fight these attacks and be successful.

Frank Burger
Biology and Physical Science Teacher
Carman-Ainsworth High School
CAEA President
Proud Union Member


Hi, Frank, The Mackinac Center has been instrumental in cutting our pensions and has now helped craft today's (Monday, September 15) new bill to ensure no new teacher receives a pension in the state of Michigan. Following is my letter I sent to my State Senator. Dear Senator Brandenurg, Your wife was a teacher and you both enjoy the fruits of her labor with a full teacher pension that she so richly deserved for her years of service to her students. My pension was cut in 2012 and I opposed that cut, but am still grateful that I will receive something some day when I retire. As a public school teacher for 26 years, my pay and benefits are now lower than what I earned in 2007. I am too far into my career to quit now and will soldier on for at least four more years. However, my daughter is in her third year at Oakland University's School of Education and is now facing a bleak future in Michigan with lower pay, limited benefits, and potentially no pension. Please vote no on this bill so that my daughter has an opportunity to earn a teacher pension in Michigan. Now that teacher pay and benefits have been so dramatically cut these past four years, having no pension is the final straw that has my daughter actively seeking employment out of state when she graduates. Also, from a business standpoint, pensions are a good recruiting tool to help entice teachers to stay in Michigan, especially when teacher pay and benefits are no longer competitive with the private sector. Thank you for your consideration and I urge you to vote no on Senate Bill 727. Sincerely, John Duffy

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