MEA members tell their stories at ""

David Paul Rudzinzki, a sixth grade teacher at Utica Community Schools, says it's great when he sees "those light bulbs going off," and his students are finally understanding a new concept.

Cindy Crandall, a high school teacher in Suttons Bay, gets a kick out of students who come back to visit her after graduating. "I loved your class," they say, "but I didn’t realize how much I was learning!"

Ken Sirignano, a special ed teacher at Genesee Intermediate School District wonders: "How are politicians creating better teachers by cutting funds and by hurting tenure?"

Ken knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a great teacher: He was named one of 2011’s "Outstanding Special Education Teachers" by his professional peers.

In fact, MEA members all across the state know plenty about what it takes to help students reach and exceed their potential. 

That's why the MEA has started a new blog: It's a place for teachers, support staff, students and parents to share stories and ideas about how we can work together to make our schools great.

The blog accompanies an MEA advertising campaign, which puts voices of our members on radio stations and Web sites across the state. A lot of people talk about education. We think it’s time to hear from the people who are actually doing something about it--the women and men of the MEA.

What do you think? Have a look at See what David, Cindy, Ken and other MEA members have to say--and add your own comments and stories. 

You can also follow the campaign on MEA's Facebook and Twitter pages.