MEA Recommended Candidates

Candidates who earn MEA’s recommendation have submitted written questionnaires and been interviewed by MEA members like you. The decisions to recommend or not recommend are based on educational policy positions and positions on employee rights in bargaining. Positions on ballot initiatives are taken by the MEA Board of Directors.

Read below to learn more about MEA’s Screening and Recommendation process and the complete list of candidates and positions, including bios and other information.


Summary of the Screening and Recommendation Process

The screening and recommendation process followed by MEA-PAC is one of the most sophisticated, grassroots procedures of any PAC in the nation. The MEA-PAC Screening and Recommendation process (S & R), for example, will involve more than 2,000 members from across the state in backhome interviews and S & R meetings. Our procedures have been replicated by both private and public sector PACs.  MEA-PAC S & R process is part of the MEA’s ongoing advocacy for children, public education and public education employees.

All screening and recommendation procedures are guided by MEA-PAC policies, which are adopted and implemented by the MEA-PAC Council.  MEA-PAC S & R committees are composed of MEA, ESP, MAHE and MEA-Retired members who contribute to MEA-PAC and reside in the jurisdiction of each House and Senate seat.

S & R ad hoc committees are usually 5 to 11 persons who are representatives of the MEA units in the jurisdiction and familiar with the incumbent. Preferably each S & R committee contains members from an incumbent’s legislative council.