Michigan House OKs anti-tenure legislation

The Michigan House today passed legislation that dismantles teacher tenure and prohibits collective bargaining of many subjects currently decided at the local bargaining table.

Despite strong opposition from MEA members statewide, the four-bill package was approved with bipartisan support; the main bill passed 70-37. The bills -- House Bills 4625, 4626, 4627, and 4628 -- now go to the Senate for consideration.

Among other provisions, the legislation prohibits school districts and employees from negotiating employee evaluation systems, discharge/discipline policy, and job assignments. If these bills are signed into law, experience will no longer be a key factor in job placement, giving probationary employees the same rights to a position as someone with more seniority.

MEA strongly opposes these bills. We do support changes to the tenure process, however, including measures dealing with evaluations. We also support streamlining the tenure process to reduce the time and costs associated with individual cases.

Contact your state senator immediately -- tell him/her to read the facts about tenure and to reject House Bills 4625, 4626, 4627, and 4628.

Find out how your representative voted on these bills.