Michigan NEA RA delegates in D.C. this week

The National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA RA) in Washington, D.C. has been in full swing since last week with groups such as the National Council of Urban Education Association, NEA-Retired and NEA Student Leadership holding meetings.

Along with the officers, MEA is represented by nearly 400 delegates who spent the weekend registering, meeting as a Michigan delegation, and attending special interest caucus meetings.

Last week, hundreds of NEA volunteers gave Maryland's Thomas Johnson Middle School a facelift through NEA's Student Program's "Outreach to Teach" event. And the NEA Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women was interrupted with news that President Obama's health care law was upheld--a significant victory the group claimed for minorities and women.

The NEA RA officially kicks off today with President Dennis Van Roekel's address to the delegates.

Vice President Joe Biden will speak to the group on July 3, the day officer elections will take place. Delegates will be voting on new business items on July 4. The business of the RA ends July 5.