Now all members can take advantage of Flint’s evaluation alternative

MEA’s Professional Development/Human Rights Department is hosting a series of WebEx trainings on professional practice portfolios, an alternative approach to teacher evaluations.  The first training, “Introduction to the UTF Professional Practice Portfolio (P3)” is now available for viewing. *

A professional portfolio is a collection of information about a teacher’s practice. It can include lesson plans, student assignments, videotapes, or formal evaluations. Until now, the online trainings were only available to Flint teachers who are the first school district to use portfolios as part of the process for evaluating teachers.

For three years, Flint teachers endured a subjective evaluation process using a tool that teachers had no part in creating. The process was chaotic with untrained administrators using different methods and a central office administration refusing to discuss the topic. The result was an entire school staff being labeled less than effective.

It took a change in administration for the situation to improve. With the help of MEA Field Consultant Melanie Waltz and support from NEA, Flint schools moved to professional practice portfolios as an alternative to a subjective evaluation system. The change represents a collaboration between teachers and the administration.

Last fall, Flint teachers, principals, district administrators and academic coaches attended a two-day training. Union building representatives went back to their schools to present the same training to their colleagues. An NEA Priority Schools grant provided the materials so staff could develop their own successful portfolios. 

Now, with the WebEx training, all MEA members can take advantage of the Flint experience and use portfolios in their school district.

*(Note: When you begin the WebEx, you may see open windows from the WebEx hosting – simply click on the “X” (in the upper right hand corner) to close each window.  This will allow you to view the training without any distractions.)