OCC faculty vote ‘no confidence’ in chancellor

“After much consideration, we, as an organization, decided to publicly express our concerns about Chancellor Meyer’s lack of leadership and absence of vision for student success,” said Mary Ann McGee, president of the OCC Faculty Association.

The faculty is particularly concerned with Meyer’s lack of vision when it comes to student success. The College is missing targets on student success measures, such as graduation and retention rates and developmental education success.

The faculty filed a lawsuit to gain access to consultant reports that recommended changes to academic programs, policies, and student support services that address student achievement and future success.

According to McGee, “Meyer’s decisions undercut collaboration and represent an unwillingness to communicate that shows a lack of respect, honesty and transparency which destroys trust.” The faculty points to data which shows the College has the lowest number of instructional staff per 100 students, yet he continues to make financial decisions which negatively impact student learning. 

 “We have made numerous requests for constructive dialogue, but they were met with no response. While we understand the severity of this action, the astounding majority which disapproves of the Chancellor’s performance compels us to request action from the Board of Trustees,” said McGee.

The Faculty Association will be presenting the results of the vote at the next Board meeting on Feb. 18.

McGee said, “As ever, we express our willingness to work with the Board to ensure that OCC remains the best place for our students to learn and prepare for their future lives.”