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Quality Health Insurance

You have to be healthy to be a good employee and to be there for your students. That’s why quality health insurance is a top bargaining goal for most employees in public education.

MEA members have worked hard—and sacrificed much—to negotiate fair wages and decent insurance. MEA supports local members’ efforts to negotiate health care benefits that meet local needs.

As part of its long-term commitment to raising the professional status of public school employees, the MEA partnered with a Lansing insurance agency in 1937 to provide a source for affordable health coverage for MEA members.

When the insurance agent retired in 1960, MEA leaders faced a choice. Under state insurance law, the MEA couldn’t act as its own insurance agent, so leaders and members decided to form a separate not-for-profit organization, and the Michigan Education Special Services Association (MESSA) was born.

Today, MESSA serves about 50 percent of Michigan public school districts. About 57 percent of MEA members have MESSA coverage; the rest either have coverage from another insurer or they don’t have health coverage.

MESSA’s medical plans are underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and BCS Life Insurance Company. MEA members are not required to have MESSA insurance policies, but many prefer MESSA coverage because of its excellent record of quality benefits and outstanding service.


Quality Health



Updated: February 19, 2009 6:47 PM

Did You Know?

About 90 percent of school employees with MESSA insurance say having MESSA coverage is an important factor in their job satisfaction.

98 percent of MESSA members lauded the outstanding service, quality benefits and sense of financial security they receive.