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MEA members and other union workers honored at Labor Day events

MEA members from all corners of Michigan joined with their union brothers and sisters in Labor Day festivities last week to celebrate the invaluable contributions that union members have made to American society.

Teachers and education support professionals were cheered by citizens who attended Labor Day across the state. Such displays of public support for MEA members serve as a strong reminder that school employees are well-respected by the public — despite what some right-wing politicians might think.

MEA stands up for members’ rights by providing each member with $1 million in liability insurance

Chemistry labs, gymnasiums and other school facilities can be dangerous places, and accidents often result in lawsuits.

MEA staff helps members navigate issues in special education

It’s an unconscionable stain on our nation’s history: Fewer than 40 years ago, many states had laws that actually forbid special needs students from attending public schools, including students who were deaf, blind or had developmental disabilities.

Have a problem loading MyDeals Mobile App? Here’s your solution!

In the most recent MEA Voice magazine, many MEA members read about our new MyDeals Mobile App, which allows you to search for local members-only deals using your mobile phone.

MEA helps members with state and national certification issues

By law, Michigan public school districts can only employ teachers who have a valid teaching certificate for an instructional assignment.

It can be a complicated process, and thankfully, MEA is here to help.

MEA provides members with up-to-date information on state requirements for maintaining a teaching certificate in Michigan, and provides assistance to members when individual questions arise.

MEA members comprise Michigan’s leading education organization

With 150,000 members working together to improve educational outcomes for their students and working conditions for school employees, MEA is far and away Michigan’s largest and leading education organization.

Michigan educators save man from oncoming subway train

MEA members Chad Gurzick (left) and Rob Roberts (right) risked their lives to save a stranger who fell on subway tracks in Atlanta last week.


Recent events like the Sandy Hook shootings and the Oklahoma tornado have shown that public school employees are committed to making a difference in the lives of others — even if it means putting their own lives at risk.

Fremont teacher builds partnership with northern Japanese city


Fremont Middle School teacher Loren Edwards founded the Fremont-Yahaba Friendship City Program.

A random suggestion by a friend took Fremont Middle School teacher Loren Edwards to Yahaba, Japan, in 1989 to teach English.

Saginaw Township school employees lend aid to Buena Vista teachers

Saginaw Township Education Association President Peter Tyson presents Buena Vista Education Association President Joe Ann Nash with gift cards donated to Buena Vista teachers.

Saginaw Township school employees raised about $1,200 to help teachers in the Buena Vista School District, who haven’t been paid since May 10.

Michigan Teacher of the Year awarded to Grosse Pointe North High School science teacher

Grosse Pointe Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Harwood, Trustee Cindy Pangborn, Trustee Brian Summerfield, Michigan Teacher of the Year Gary Abud, and Trustee Judy Gafa pose at an event Thursday honoring Abud.

Grosse Pointe North High School science teacher Gary Abud Jr. has been named the 2013-14 Michigan Teacher of the Year by the state Department of Education.

Abud, who received the 2012 Science Teacher of Promise award from the Michigan Science Teachers Association, is a proponent of project-based learning, combining service experiences, digital learning and social media to provide his students with a broad palette of learning experiences.

“It has been my philosophy that all students can learn and achieve in the classroom,” Abud said. “Finding the right combination of strategies to match various learning styles is essential.”

Grosse Pointe Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Harwood said Abud is “a teacher amongst teachers; an innovator of instruction, a supportive guide of knowledge, and a creator of dreams for students who wish to further explore their understanding of science.”

“Gary displays every day in his classroom what great teachers in Michigan do — lead by example and help every student find the ways to learn,” state Superintendent Mike Flanagan said. “He sets a high standard not only for himself, but for his students and fellow educators.”

“He has followed his passion to continue learning and share what he learns with others,” Flanagan said. “I cannot think of a greater gift a person can give to Michigan’s next generations.”