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New Reading Requirement for Teachers Effective July 1, 2009

Beginning July 1, 2009, in order to advance from the Provisional teaching certificate to the Professional Education teaching certificate, a teacher must provide evidence of the completion of an additional 3 semester credit course in reading focused on the diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties which includes a field experience. This reading course is in addition to any reading courses required for initial certification. The course may be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level but must be completed to be eligible to advance in certification.

The Michigan Department of Education has posted a list of reading courses at various state colleges and universities that may be taken to satisfy the requirement. The list is available at the following Web site: www.michigan.gov/teachercert under the heading Specialty Programs. Questions about the requirement may be addressed to Dr. Sara K. Lavan at lavans@michigan.gov.

Teachers are advised to incorporate the reading course as part of an 18-Hour planned program when creating a program of study with an academic advisor. Be sure the course is on the approved course list before enrolling. It may be difficult to have a program provided through an out-of-state institution approved after taking the course so it is best to check with the Michigan Department of Education prior to enrollment to verify acceptability.

This requirement only pertains to teachers advancing from the provisional teaching certificate to the professional education teaching certificate and is not required of teachers currently holding an advanced teaching certificate.
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